Trademark registration

30 January, 2024


STEP 1: Fill out the Trademark Checklist, and send it back to us.

STEP 2: Make the payment. $250 for the first consultation. If you officially use our service, this fee will be deducted from the service fee.

PAYMENT METHOD. Please make payment to account details below:

  • Commonwealth Bank (Address: Dickson PI, Dickson ACT 2602)
  • Swift Code: CTBAAU2S
  • Bank Account: Maygust Trademark Attorneys
  • BSB: 062 904
  • Account number: 1060 0947

STEP 3: Scope of work and fees


Before filling $250
Consulting any questions about trademark issues (no limit) Yes
Conducting identical and registered searches.[1] Yes
Advising after searching Yes
Filling and examination $280
Filling your trademark Yes
Updating the status of your trademark Yes
Preparing and filing a response to a minor Adverse Report Yes
No extra fees for the second class

($150 per class for the third onwards)

 Free re-filing guarantee Yes
Responding to major adverse reports such as evidence of use or likelihood of confusion Yes
Filing 2nd trademark at 20% discount

(if filed simultaneously)



STEP 4: Lodge the application and wait for the examination of IP Australia (3 to 4 months). If the mark is accepted, move to Step 5.

STEP 5: Trademark application will be advertised for opposition (2 months). If no one opposes, move to Step 6.

STEP 6:  The trademark is registered, we will send you a Certificate of Trademark Registration

STEP 7:  We will re-fill if the mark cannot be registered free of charge (the client pays for the government fee only).


  1. The above service fees do not include the government fee.
  2. The government fee will be $250 (Pick list) or $400 (your own classification – Non Pick list) per class.[2] We can help you choose $250.
  3. The earliest time to a trademark registered in Australia is 7 to 8 months (for a smooth registration without adverse reports and opposition)
  4. The above service fee does not include the opposition proceeding. It is a separate service.

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[1] No guarantee of 100% for registration. We can apply for Trademark Headstart from IP Australia, the Trademark examiner will search with a fee of $200 per class.

[2] Pick list refers to the approved list of goods and services of IP Australia. If the goods/services that you search for have appeared in this link here. This means that it is in the Pick list. 90% of my clients can use the Pick list.

None pick list means using your cudescription of goods/services. For example: in the Pick list: Legal service is Class 45. But I want to register for ”Monitoring intellectual property rights for legal advisory purposes” which describes my service in more detail. You must use the None Pick list.


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